about me

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  Thank you for visiting my website. I will not talk so much about me.

  First of all I'm an actor and TV presenter on a national chain in France,and recently proud to directed and presented "Exclusive car magazine"...

  I started my professional artistic career from the age of 21, I am 42 years old today
  That influenced me a lot in my work as photographer.

  My father is responsible for the fact that I feel good behind a camera; he put a Canon EOS silver in my hands when I was 14 years old. A passion was born :)

  But enough! let my photos finish this monologue ...
  Meet us for a heated discussion on future pictures that we will do together, with a drink and a Deep House sound background.

"Beauty is subjective and often divides, job well done... much less.                                   All rights reserved © 2020 Jimmy Pagneux Photography