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#718 Porsche event San Francisco

What a beautiful day, where my talent made me invited by Porsche to discover and really test this amazing car... The beauty named 718 Boxter S. An event like Porsche, respectful, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco :)) When they put the key in my hand, look at me in the eyes and say, "have fun bud" Wow, I was like a kid again, but a bad one ;) This astonishing car look like me, sometimes reasonable sometimes foolish ...

She followed me on the winding path of insanity and pleasure... she made me feel good and confident... and I really was... because of she... Anyway I work on my little teaser for my international tv show "Exclusive car magazine" to anounce their future official video of this #718playground Boxter-Cayman event.

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